Motors Enthusiasts : The Pains and Gains of Ember Months In Nigeria

In Nigeria, ember months begin September to December, every year. I do not know what citizens of other countries call this period of the year. So, please forgive me, if I get it wrong here.

But, in my limited knowledge, it means the last quarter of the year.

Let me be honest with you, this is a period when people across the world plan, take stocks, prepare, scheme and strategize, to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

In fairness, some others do plan for the coming year, beyond the celebrations. We must live after the celebrations.

I may be wrong and therefore stand to be corrected. Tension, violence, criminalities, accidents, bloodbath occur during this period, maybe in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Ho ho ho ho.

So, the police and other security agents are always on red alert, reckless and restive, in order to tame the activities of criminals.

Nothing is wrong here. It is okay; it is in order and therefore, a welcome development to celebrate, even if once a year.

All work without play makes Jack a doll boy, is an adage we are all familiar with.

In developed and developing countries, Christmas and the New Year are big deals. It is always a time to give and receive joy, gifts, friendships, foods, drinks, etc.

It is also time to travel and meet with our loved ones, spend quality time with families, friends and relatives.

This is good. It is relaxing and refreshing for the body and the soul. The truth is that it is spiritual.

Love is great. It makes the world go round. We need to love ourselves first and then others, in order to make our world a peaceful place to live in.

Again, I say moderation in our thoughts, words and deeds, before, during and after festive celebrations.

However, the truth is that everything I have said here are the positive sides of ember months.

Now the likely pains. There is nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas and New Year. But, it should be done in moderation.

I know a lot of people in Lagos, Nigeria, who will toil from January to December, year in, year out and then spend all their monies, between December 25 and January 1.

Some of us love to impress others, especially during festive periods. Nothing is wrong, if we have budgeted for it. It is difficult to earn, very very easy to spend.

And people who are egoistic, attention seekers, are desperate to be noticed and heard love to spend, spend and spend, as if there is no tomorrow. Bad copy, if you ask me.

In some cases, these persons could be dead broke by the first week of the New Year and the circle continues.

Source by Emmanuel Udom

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