Motors Enthusiasts : Tinted Windows Offer More Than Just Style

Having tinted car windows give your car a stylish look and an aura of mystery. But those are not the only reasons why millions of Americans choose to tint their car windows. The benefits of having your car windows tinted far surpass just the appearance of your automobile. Factors such as increased privacy, UV light blocking, and interior preservation are just some of the advantages car owners receive when they have their vehicle windows tinted.

Tinting your car windows is a relatively inexpensive upgrade that has many benefits that will save you money in the long run. Many car owners choose to tint their car windows soon after purchasing the vehicle in order to start receiving these benefits immediately.

The glare from the sun will be significantly reduced when your windows are tinted. This will reduce the amount of squinting and straining of your eyes when driving in bright, reflective conditions. A tinted windshield drastically reduces the amount of glare, thereby making it easier for you to see. This level of safety is important, as bright, reflective windshields can cause the driver to be temporarily sightless. With tinted windows, you won’t have to worry about glare impairing your ability to drive safely. A windshield can be tinted completely or have a tinted strip that is adhered to the top of the glass. Usually, a tinted windshield has a gradient from darkest at the top to lighter at the bottom, allowing for maximum glare reduction from the sun.

Protection from the sun not only reduces glare, but also protects the interior of your car. Temperature is kept cooler in cars with tinted windows, and harmful UV rays are kept out. This means your upholstery, leather and trim will last longer and keep it vibrant color. UV rays have been shown to fade upholstery and plastic. Furthermore, UV rays cause leather to dry-out, making it brittle and subject to cracking. Tinted windows will greatly prolong the life of the interior of your car and keep it looking new for many years. With tinted auto glass, your vehicle’s interior will remain cooler on those hot summer days. You won’t have to run the air conditioner as often, and you’ll be more comfortable while driving. Your skin will also have a higher degree of protection from the sun’s UV rays when in your car surrounded by the barrier of tinted automobile windows.

It is important to note that the level of tinting is regulated on a state-by-state basis. It is illegal to have your windows tinted too dark, because police will not to be able to see inside the vehicle if they pull you over. Check with your local tinting shop for the current regulations. They will be able to offer you options on your level of tint, up to the maximum allowed by law.

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