Tips and Tricks : What to Expect at a Tractor Pulling Event

If you’ve never been to a tractor pulling event before, you’re in for the shock of your life! Believe it or not, tractor pulling is actually a very popular and highly competitive motorsport, especially in North America and Europe. With a huge variety of classifications, these events feature tractors that range from stock models that would feel right at home on any farm, to highly modified beasts with massive horsepower that would just as soon pull a mountain than a plow. No matter what size tractors are competing though, you can always be sure that the events are going to be big, loud and fun!

What is Tractor Pulling?

Tractors are legendary for their power, which is why they are so useful on the farm. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that this plays to that strength by putting tractors head to head in a competition to see who can drag a heavy metal sled the farthest down a course. The metal sled carries a heavy load of metal plates which are mechanically winched forward as the tractor progresses up the course. At some point the tractors pulling these loads, which are ever increasing, will lose their forward momentum, signaling the end of their run. Some do manage to drag the sled across the entire course though, which always makes the crowd go wild!

What kinds of tractors are used?

The tractors used at these events may range anywhere from small lawn tractors to custom designed vehicles that barely resemble a tractor at all other than their massive rear wheels. Tractor pulling events are based on sheer horsepower and torque, so even tractors that look like they just rolled off the farm are likely heavily modified to maximize their pulling power. It’s typical for tractors at regional events to be capable of 2,000 to 3,000 horsepower while elite tractors may top out at 10,000 horsepower or more. Can you imagine using tractor service on farms with that kind of horsepower? Incredible!

Why are these events held?

Aside from the fun and excitement surrounding these events, local tractor pulls are often held as fundraising events. It’s a great excuse to use tractor service for something other than farming and it always draws a crowd!

If you’ve never been to an exciting tractor pull, chances are there will be an event in your area, so check your local newspaper!

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