Motors Enthusiasts : Modifying a Car: DIY Car Painting Tips

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Clean leather seats and you can restore that like new beautiful look that the upholstery had when it rolled off the showroom floor.

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Motors Enthusiasts : Training for Car Detailers


Be sure you do two things before you even touch a customer’s car:

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Motors Enthusiasts : My Scooter Won’t Start! The Top 5 Most Common Mistakes & Solutions

We walk outside to run an errand, to go to school or work, and UGH, our scooter won’t start! How frustrating. Here are some basic things to check quickly to get back on the road.

Motors Enthusiasts : Ford To Trim Vehicle Offers

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Motors Enthusiasts : Why Classic Car Transport Is Different To Normal Auto Transport

When a car is a classic, it’s not just a car anymore; it’s

a thing of beauty. When a classic car needs transporting,

the discerning owner is going to be looking for more than a

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Motors Enthusiasts : Lean 5s – Implement the Foundation of Toyota Motor Corporation Success Into Your Organization

The Japanese 5s system is an essential and powerful tool of the Toyota Production System.

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PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field) Therapy is a hot new natural healing modality that is just now becoming widespread in North America, though it is commonplace in Europe. PEMF is incredibly well researched with hundreds of clinical studies (search “pemf” on

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